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 Natalie Paige Fossier

Our Angel in Heaven

5/4/97- 2/13/2007

We love you and miss you so much.

Thank you for being in our lives and all the wonderful memories and times that we had together.   We pray that you are doing great and having fun in heaven and that we will be together again someday soon. 

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We gave $27,000 in scholarships to 7 MHS students last year in memory of Natalie. We hope this will have a positive impact on their lives and is a good investment in the future.

We will not be having the Fly Thru the Park 5K run/walk this year but will keep Natalie's Memorial Funds open for donations and will continue to support causes that we feel Natalie would've liked to do herself. Thanks to all the participants, sponsors, volunteers and donors that have supported us at the 8 Fly Thru the Parks and other events over the have made the donations that we made in Memory of Natalie possible. 

There is more information at the bottom of the page about Natalie's Memorial Funds.


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 This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Natalie Fossier who was born in Ohio on May 4th, 1997 and passed away on February 13th, 2007 at the age of 9.   Natalie Fossier was killed by a falling, ice-covered tree limb on February 13, 2007 while she was outside playing with her dog Angel.  Natalie was an excellent student and wonderful daughter.  She loved to read, she loved animals, loved to play outside and enjoyed helping others. We love her and miss her so much and will remember her forever.

Natalie Fossier was not your ordinary 9 year old girl. She was truly an angel here on earth. Natalie's life here was filled with love, purpose and the desire to see others happy. Shortly before Nattie left us on Feb. 13, 2007, she donated 11 inches of her hair to Locks of Love, in hopes of giving a cancer patient a bit of happiness.

The purpose of this site is for others to remember Natalie, but she will always be in her families hearts. Our mission is to hold meaningful events and donate the proceeds of those events to the Natalie Fossier Scholarship Fund, the purchase of books for children within her community and other causes Natalie would have enjoyed. 

 2006/2007 McCormick Yearbook


We found this poem on our doorstep

shortly after we lost Natalie.


Congratulations to all of this year's

Graduates and Scholarship Recipients!!

Our Message

We love and miss our Natalie so much. We have so many great memories of the 9 1/2 years that we had with her and realize what a blessing it was to have all of the wonderful times that we did. We always thought we would have Natalie with us for the rest of our lives. But our lives were forever changed in the tragic accident that happened in less than a second on February 13th 2007. We suddenly went from what we thought was one of the happiest families to realizing that we are going to have to live this life without Natalie here with us and learn how to live the rest of our lives the best that we can with the pain and sadness of our loss. Natalie meant everything to us and we are trying to find meaning and purpose in our lives. We don't have a lot of regrets since we were able to spend a lot of quality time with Natalie.....all of the fun, games, laughter, running, playing, vacations, helping with homework, schoolwork and on and on. But we miss her so much....miss her laughter, watching her play, hugging and loving her. One message that we feel is important to share is that we need to appreciate the time that we have to spend together and that we don't know how long that may be. To try to make the best of each day and take the time to let our families and loved ones know how important they are to us and how much you love them.


God Bless everyone.

 And comfort all the parents that have lost children.

We all know at least one Angel!

Natalie's Bichon Frise Angel


Mission Statement

We will always remember Natalie and all of the wonderful times we had together. We want to share our story of love with others and hope to make a difference in their lives. We want to help others in our local community with things that Natalie loved and that we feel Natalie is guiding us towards. Natalie loved to read, she loved animals, she wrote about helping the homeless, the elderly in nursing homes and she loved to help others. We have started a couple of memorial funds for Natalie so that we can try to make a difference. Some of the things we have done and organizations we are working with are:

A memorial scholarship fund for the Milford School District.
Supplies and donations to needy students at McCormick Elementary.
Various learning activities and supplies for students at McCormick elementary.
Donations to Clermont County Humane Society.
Donations to local nursing homes.
And other activities that we feel support our local community and that Natalie is guiding us towards.


8th Annual

Fly Thru the Park

5K (3.1 Miles) Run/Walk
Miami Meadows Park
Saturday 9:00 a.m. July 12th, 2014

Chip Timing, Age Groups, Prizes Food & Refreshments!!!!
Natalie's 8th Annual 5K Fly Thru the Park will be held at
Miami Meadows Park in Miami Township again this year.

Come join us for this special event to remember Natalie Fossier
and help support some of the local causes she loved.

Miami Meadows Park, 1546 State Route 131, Miami Township, Ohio. Entire event inside Miami Meadows Park.

8:00 a.m. Registration Opens
9:00 a.m. 5K Run & Walk - Chip Timed!!
8:00 a.m. to 11:30 Food & Refreshments
10:30 a.m. to 11:15 Magic by Tom Bennes
12:00 Event closes

Course Description:
The flat course is appealing and safe for the entire family.

Entry Fees:
$20 Pre-registration fee - July 10th deadline
$30 Pre-registration w/T-Shirt - June 29th deadline
$25 Race day registration. T-shirts $10 while they last!
Kids under 12 $10, Kids under 5 Free

Run Categories:
Male & Female, 14/under, 15-24, 25-34 35-49, 50-64, 65/over.

Walk Categories:
Male & Female, 29/under, 30-49, 50-64, 65/over.

Awards & Prizes:
Top Overall Male & Female finishers & top 3 finishers in each category.

Event photos will be posted here after event.
Results will be posted on after event.
Registration Information is also available at:

Teams of 5 or more will have their photograph taken
and posted on our Website and Facebook page.
Wear your Company T-shirts
or purchase ours and bring a sign or banner!!!

Click on the Get Me Registered Logo for
Secure Online Registration.

Click on the following link or copy and paste in your browser
to download a pdf Fly Thru the Park Flyer.

Click on the following link or copy and paste in your browser
to download a pdf mail in registration form.

Thanks to this Year's Sponsors!!!

Panera Bread
, On Line Design
PDQ Doors, Jan Hamilton Design
Nick Lutz, Magic of Tom Bemmes
Miami Township,
Alert Safety Products

DigiMax, Robbie Stumpf

The Abner Family
5/3rd Bank, Nestle, Home City Ice

Support our sponsors and tell them Thanks for sponsoring this year's Fly thru the Park.

For questions or further event information contact us at:


Thanks to GMEAC for helping again this year with
Natalie's Fly Thru the Park.


he Greater Milford Events and Arts Council (GMEAC) was founded in the fall of 2008 for the purpose of bringing more events and arts to the greater Milford area. Membership consists of business owners, members of a variety of local non-profit groups, members of local government, and interested residents all coming together to provide support for successful community programs. The mission of GMEAC is to enhance the overall quality of our community and to enrich the cultural lives of the people in the greater Milford area by coordinating events, promoting education, and supporting excellence in the arts.



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Florida Vacation and the Dolphin Story

In the fall of 2005 Natalie, Melisa and I took a family trip to Panama City Florida for Natalie's brother Rusty's wedding. Natalie was 7 years old at the time. This was about 4 weeks after hurricane Katrina. We saw and met many refugees from New Orleans at the motel we stayed at in Fort Walton Beach. This was a very sad experience for us, many of these people had just lost their homes, all their belongings, their jobs and were searching for loved ones. Many of them did not know where their next meal was going to come from or where they were going to be staying tomorrow. It was difficult to see all of the grief and sadness the refugees were dealing with when we were looking so forward to having a great vacation.

The next day while playing on the beach we saw a waterspout in the gulf.



We stopped by Destin on our way to Panama City and could not believe how the beautiful beach that we had such a great time at just one year earlier had been destroyed by Hurricane Charlie. We also saw the effects of the red tide in Destin. We couldn't handle the sight and smell of all the dead fish covering the beach so we quickly headed for Panama City. 

The next afternoon Natalie and I went to check out the Gulf World that was across the street from the motel we were staying at. They had a deal where you could swim with the dolphins. They still had openings for that afternoon so we checked with mom and then signed Natalie up for it. It turns out that nobody else signed up to swim with the dolphins that day. Normally they could have up to 20 people swimming with the dolphins but I think because of Katrina and it being off-season Natalie was the only one that afternoon. There were 2 instructors, 2 dolphins and our shy Natalie in a large pool.  She had a great time and was able to spend a lot of individual quality time with the dolphins and the instructors that normally would not have happened. We all had a great time and we have so many wonderful pictures and memories of that day!!!!


She also was kissed by a Sea Lion that day!!!

Happy Birthday Girl!!

Natalie Paige Fossier - May 4th, 1997

Your 1st birthday party was held at our house. We didn't want to get into having huge parties for you so we only invited Russ, Grandma & Grandpa and your cousin Samantha but didn't mention to Samantha that it was for your birthday. Samantha's mom Cathy figured it out and Samantha came over with a gift. We had dinner, I baked a Winnie the Pooh cake, we all hung out with you and enjoyed watching you play and have cake.

On your 2nd birthday we decided to have a party at Swaim Park. We sent invites out with a request for no gifts. If anyone absolutely wanted to bring something they could bring you a book. You had lots of books!! We played games & won prizes and had fried chicken, cake, ice cream etc. I remember at one point I walked away from where you were sitting. There were quite a few people there so I guess you thought your aunt Janie was me standing next to you. You looked over at me & realized I wasn't next to you and you started balling your eyes out. Looking back now I realized we spent a lot of time together and we were as close as close could be.

On your 3rd birthday party Aunt Donna came in from Colorado, we had you a party at home with dinner and cake. Russ, Chelsea, Grandma and Grandpa all came over. You got a lot of Barbie Doll things and a chalkboard. We all sat on the floor and played with your gifts. As with all of your birthdays the celebrations lasted for a whole week. We also went out to dinner at Sloppy Joe's on the river. I think you had 3 or 4 birthday cakes that week.

On your 4th birthday we went to Chuckie Cheese's. Again we invited a lot of people, but this year Dad & I realized that after being so shy & quiet all year long that you blossomed on your birthday celebration. You were dancing and singing, hugging your little friends and family members and talking up a storm. The next day you were back to you shy and quiet and angelic self.

Your 5th birthday party was held at Family Fun Center in Eastgate. You were a real princess wearing a beautiful pink dress with a tiara on your head. You greeted all your friends with an excited hug and a big smile. You enjoyed planning your birthday parties and did such a good job. Dad and I saw again this out of the ordinary outgoing person. Did you blossom again? No, the next day you went back to being your shy, quiet angelic self.

Your 6th Birthday party was held at Kid's First gymnastics place on Kemper road. At the time you were taking gymnastics. You invited your closest friends and we had so much fun. We finished with pizza, cake and ice cream. You really lit up!! Dad and I need to laugh about how different you are on your birthday celebrations. The next day you returned to your shy, quiet, angelic self.

Your 7th Birthday party was held at Swaim Park. Again you planned it out and invited your closest and dearest friends. We always enjoyed watching Fear Factor so we decided to plan a Fear Factor theme birthday party. Wow - how much fun can a person have on their birthday? We had vanilla ice cream with Oreo cookies & gummy worms crawling out of the smashed cookies. We had another cake which was carrot cake with cream cheese icing. We had chicken and a few other side dishes. We played games consisting of prunes in a plastic baggie of cooked rice (we called them sheep eyes). You eat one and you win a prize. We spread limburger cheese out on trays with gummy worms laying in the stinky cheese with your hands behind your backs you had to pick up a gummy worm with your teeth, run down the field and spit it in the garbage can to win a prize. Another game we had was Jell-O in a show box with odd things inside - you had to pick something out (blindfolded) and tell what it was and of course win a prize. You blossomed again on this day and again the next day you were your quiet, shy angelic self.

Your 8th birthday party was held at the roller skating rink in Loveland. You planned it and invited your closest friends. You had a Barbie cake and I saw you blossom again. You were roller skating with your friends and just so happy & having so much fun!!! You were laughing so hard one time that you fell down with a couple of your friends. The next day you were your quiet, shy and angelic self.

Your 9th birthday party was held at Just For Fun in Loveland. Again you got to plan the party and invite your closest friends. That was fun!!! Russ was actually in the tumblers with Brooklyn. While we were all eating pizza your friend Tyler took a drink of Sprite and it came out his nose and everyone laughed so hard. Tyler was so embarrassed. You are truly an angel. You were so excited and so happy greeting everyone, smiling, laughing and having so much fun!! Again the next day you were your quiet, shy, angelic self.

I found a tablet you had written on, planning your 10th birthday celebration out. You had games, prizes, names of guests and where you wanted to celebrate it. You must have started this the same night of your 9th birthday party. What would have been your 10th birthday you were in heaven being your sweet quiet angelic self. You will always be our nine-year-old baby girl.

We love you and miss you so much.
We'll see you in Heaven.
Mom & Dad

Natalie's Grampa joined her in heaven on 4/4/09.

If they had this much fun here we can only imagine how wonderful heaven must be.   We love you and miss you Dad.  We pray that you and Natalie are having fun and doing good in heaven.  And that we will all be together again someday in a heavenly world.


The Natty Star


Natalie's Memorial Funds Donation Information

You can make a tax-deductible (501C-3 non-profit) donation online to the Natalie Fossier Fund at the Greater Cincinnati Foundation by following this link and selecting the Natalie Fossier Fund from the drop-down list of funds. This is available under the Allocation Information/Select a Fund at the bottom of the page.  You will receive a receipt for your tax records from the Greater Cincinnati Foundation.

Or mail your tax deductible gift payable to the Greater Cincinnati Foundation (note that it is for the Natalie Fossier Fund #3354) to:

The Greater Cincinnati Foundation

200 West Fourth Street

Cincinnati, OH  45202-1775

You can also mail a check or money order payable to Natalie Fossier Memorial Fund to:

Natalie Fossier Memorial Fund
325 Fieldcrest Lane
Loveland, OH 45140

Contributions made directly to the Natalie Fossier Memorial Fund are not tax deductible.

For more information about Natalie's Memorial Funds you can contact us at:

or write to us at the PO box listed above.

Thanks & God Bless

David & Melisa Fossier



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A friend she has yet to meet   / Caily Kupka
I never knew Natalie. And I never knew any of the Fossiers either. But yesterday I met Natalie's mom for the first time and she is an absolutely amazing woman. She helped me view this world in a way I never have before. She showed me how to look at t...  Continue >>
natalie  / BRITTANY BAILEY (cousin)
i love you and miss you alot  i think about you evey day it makes me sad to think about it you were a good person and didnt deserve to go yet but i know your in a good place being taken care of all thats all that counts i love you and miss ...  Continue >>
i miss you   / Hannah Bailey (cousin)
i miss you and i will see you in heven i rember when you gave me clothes when we were little we play a lot i miss you and i will always rember you see you in heven
i love you and miss you natalie   / Brittany Bailey (cousin)
Hey Natalie i just want you to know we all love you and miss you i think about you everyday i  remeber when we used to play barbies an go shopping with your mom an i remeber your 5 birthday at the family fun center when i first rode the bumper c...  Continue >>
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Her legacy
7th Annual Fly Thru the Park  


7th Annual

Fly Thru the Park

Photos & Event Info

Congratulations to the winners and thanks to everyone who supported us at this year's Fly Thru the Park. We had 184 finishers and sunshine!!

Results are available at:

A Special Thanks to Lindsey Driscoll
Owner of Eclectically for You Photography
For donating her time, talent & donation
to this year's event.

Thanks to the Following Sponsors
of Natalie's 7th Annual Fly Thru the Park

Panera Bread, On Line Design
Alert Safety Products, Robbie Stumpf
Eclectically for You Photography
Living Out Loud Design, Nick Lutz
Miami Township

Nestle, DigiMax

5/3rd Bank, Home City Ice

Thanks to this year's volunteers and participants. 
We hope to see you next year!!
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Natt n Angel
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